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    don’t date anyone who isn’t proud of you

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    I needed this in high school! Mickey’s Trailer (1938)


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    she’s so touched for a moment

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    i’m wearing the same thing as yesterday bc im gross hmu

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    First step in dating me: dont

    i was going to go to the market to pick out mangoes so i can snapchat you back and tell you to “manGO AWAY” but i forgot and now i’m sad about this missed opportunity 

    Oh my god, you would buy fruit just to make a terrible pun for me? Where have you been all my life 😍😍

  10. bonerpie:

    Guys, this is Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool, England. It was formally a children’s orphanage from 1874 until 1949, where it then became a hospital and mental asylum. This is the wonderfully creepy place I may have the pleasure of haunting this October and its super fucking cool. Just look at it. It’s like everyone just upped and left :3

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